Bank customers decry arbitrary deductions, hails bank for refund


Some customers of Access (Diamond) and Fidelity Bank have decried the arbitrary deduction of charges from their accounts by their banks.

The customers who spoke in Abuja on Friday, described the act as inconsiderate, bearing in mind the current state of the country’s economy due to the pandemic.

Mr Collins Yastrup, a journalist and a customer of both Fidelity and Access Banks, said he was shocked when different debit alerts were sent to his phone from the two banks.

Ibe who said the debits were uncalled for during this time, however, hailed Access bank for the prompt refund of his monies.

“Yes, Access bank debited my money but they have refunded it but the bank that has taken a lot from my account is Fidelity. They have killed me with their debit alerts.

“In short, I am speechless. Sometimes, they take N100, N200 and all is within this lockdown. In fact, it is much.

“These banks are never tired of collecting monies from their customers. Any money that hits my account, they will collect like N100 straight, ’’ he explained.

Mrs Onyinye Ibe, a businesswoman, and a customer of Access (Diamond) bank told NAN that although the bank had refunded the money they deducted from her account, it was not complete.

“The bank debited N500 from my account but they only refunded N300. This is illegal and dubious.


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