Florida lady files lawsuit against neighbour demanding paternity test on 5 goats


A Florida woman, Kris Hedstrom, filed a civil suit against a neighbour demanding a paternity test for the five goats she purchased in December.

The lawsuit filed by Hedstrom as reported by UPI.com demanded that her neighbour, Heather Dayner, either refund the $900 she paid for the five Nigerian dwarf goats she purchased in December or provide a sample of DNA from the goats’ purported father to prove their lineage.

Her lawsuit alleged that she was under the impression that she would be able to register the goats’ pedigrees with the American Dairy Goat Association. Hedstrom said:

“Dayner, owner of Baxter Lane Farm in Odessa, told me the father of the goats, Country Caprese Ace, was registered with the organisation, but the group rejected my attempt to register the babies because Dayner is not an active member.”

She stated that the association told her she would need to submit 40 hair follicles from the father goat to prove the lineage of the babies, so she sent Dayner a letter requesting the DNA sample.

Dayner responded by offering to take the goats back and give Hedstrom a refund.

Dayner said Hedstrom repeatedly trespassed on her property and called the police on her. She said:

“Hedstrom sent me a message in March telling me not to contact her again, and that was the last I heard until the lawsuit was filed this month.”

Dayner said she was due in court next month and planned to represent herself because she didn’t want to spend money on a lawyer.



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