Hong Kong law ‘none of your business’ – China blasts foreign critics


China yesterday slammed international criticism over a controversial new national security law for Hong Kong, saying other countries should keep their noses out.

Western governments and critics have warned China’s new law will curb Hong Kong’s freedoms and undermine its “One Country, Two Systems” governance scheme, which technically allows freedoms unseen on the mainland.

But Beijing officials scorned the criticism of the law.

“What’s this got to do with you?” said Zhang Xiaoming of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council at a press conference. “It’s none of your business”.

Officials insisted there had been wide consultation with members of Hong Kong society and hit back at the claims that it was undermining Hong Kong’s autonomy.

“If what we want is one country, one system, it would have been simple,” Zhang said.

“We are completely able to impose the criminal law, the criminal procedure, and the national security law and other national laws on Hong Kong.

“Why would we need to put so much effort into formulating a national security law tailor-made for Hong Kong? And he lashed out at suggestions of punishment from other nations.

“As for… some countries now saying that they will impose severe sanctions on some Chinese officials, I think this is the logic of bandits.”


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