Man dies as he is run over while chasing e-cigarette thieves in Sharjah


A 48-year-old Asian man was run over multiple times by two men who tried to flee in their car after stealing e-cigarettes from his shop in Sharjah industrial area 12, a police official said.

The duo crushed him to death after the man tried to chase them down while holding on to their vehicle even as it moved.

The official said that the CCTV footage showed the two men arguing with the victim about the price of e-cigarettes, before agreeing to buy one for Dh100 and then snatching a few from him and running away.

The victim then followed them and tried to prevent the two from fleeing in their car. As he held on to their vehicle, they dragged the man 200 meters and crushed him over four times. Before escaping, they ensured that he had died. The police shifted the body to the forensic laboratory for autopsy.

The cops swung into action and arrested the suspects, who confessed to their crime. They were referred to the public prosecution, which charged them with premeditated murder and theft.

Earlier, the police received a call at the operations room about the incident. A police team, including rescue units, CID, patrol, and traffic officers, reached the site where they found out that the victim, who ran a tobacco shop, was knocked down by two men after decamping with e-cigarettes.


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