British air hostess, 23-year-old, finally released from Dubai jail after months behind bars


A British air hostess has been released from jail in Dubai after spending two months behind bars living off of bread and water.

Derrin Crawford, 23-year-old, who works for Emirates and is based in the UAE, had been out for dinner with a man and agreed to go back to his apartment when it was raided by officers who found two cannabis joints at the scene.

Crawford, who is from Liverpool, was thrown into the infamous Al-Barsha jail on 21 June.

Yesterday, MP for Riverside Kim Johnson said she had spoken to Crawford’s family following her release and confirmed she had been released from prison.

Kim Tweeted: “Delighted to hear from the family that Derrin Crawford has been released from Dubai detention.

“Thanks to all who supported Crawford. Looking forward to seeing her back in Liverpool.”

The MP previously revealed she had talked to Crowford’s family who said the air hostess had been fed on just bread, water, and jam while in jail.

“They have not been allowed to take in toiletries and food. According to family members she is existing on water, bread, and jam,’ Kim said.

Crawford’s sister, Danielle, 28-year-old, told the DailyMail in July that police found two cannabis joints and arrested the pair.

Crawford was held in a police station for several days before being transferred to the notorious Al Barsha jail.

In a tearful phone call home, she told Danielle she had undergone blood tests for drugs and officers had agreed to let her go if they proved negative.

Although the tests came in July and proved Crawford had no drugs in her system she was kept in jail for more than a month afterward.

Danielle said at the time: “She is innocent, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“The police have been trying to interrogate her, but she doesn’t even know this guy.

“When she was arrested the police took her phone, she managed to call me a few days later when she was being transferred to jail.

“At first I couldn’t understand what she was saying because she was just crying and crying. She didn’t eat or sleep for days.

“She doesn’t drink or smoke and has a good job with Emirates, so it is a shame she has got caught up in all this. She’s only 23-year-old and is just so scared.”

Crawford, who lost her mother aged 11, and was raised by an aunt, moved to Dubai in September 2018 after securing a job with the airline.

She was arrested on 21 June and managed to alert her family on 25 June.

The air hostess told relatives that she agreed to go on a date with the man, believed to be a fellow Brit and a marketing executive, from London, after meeting him on a night out.

The Foreign Office has been approached for comment.


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