Commissioners demand restriction of trucks movement in daytime


The Nigeria Transportation Commissioners Forum has called for a policy restricting the movement of heavy-duty vehicles during the day.

This is coming on the heels of the accident of July 26 where two people died and three more were injured when a 20-feet container fell on a commercial bus at Ilasamaja on the Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, Lagos.

According to a statement by the publicity secretary, Mustapha Jika, on Tuesday, the forum said the policy would reduce the upsurge in accidents reported across the country.

The statement was entitled ‘Nigerian Transportation Commissioners Forum seeks policy papers to restrict heavy-duty vehicles movement’.

Part of the statement read, “We observe with dismay the increase in accidents recorded caused by defective/ poorly modified heavy-duty vehicles and unruly drivers.

“This is why today; we are requesting for a policy document to stop these vehicles from plying the roads during the day.”

It added, “It is in consideration for the motoring public and the protection of our shared assets, the roads and the environment that we address this issue of public safety concern.

“This call has been made to prevent these dangerous but preventable accidents by requesting support from the President and all state governors.”

The group said the activities of the operators of the heavy-duty vehicle during the daytime had constituted major safety and security risks for all road users.

It sought the support of all enforcement agencies in restricting the activities of truck drivers to the evening or midnight belt of the day with the hope that it would ease traffic congestion during peak periods.


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