Meet mother of 3 kids with an unreal disabibility


If someone delivers a couple of beasts, how can the society and government be of help in such a situation can? Can therapy help?

The video you’re about to watch shows a woman with her three children who were born with a form of disability that looks so unnatural, with strange faces that make most people think they are monkeys or other animals.

A reporter asked the mother what really happened to these children, how did this happen?

Let us take our time to figure out if these are real humans.

The mother of the children explained that to her children have been like this from birth.

However, she explained that it is normal in their culture when a woman delivers a child she receives a gift as a family celebration of the newborn baby, but her own story was much different when she gave birth to her children.

Having kids with such a  disability looks unreal and strange, her neighbors say she delivered beast, some call them monkeys and other names, even before her face.

She said a journalist came to see her three years ago, since that day people have been coming around her wanting to hear from her.

Her words, “Whenever I go out to search for what to feed them with I lock them indoors because there is nobody to take care of them, “she said.

However, the video will give more details of the story about her and her family, especially about the children and how they look and live their lives.

Meanwhile, a non-governmental organization, Ubumwe Community Center has agreed to take responsibility for the children.

The center said they can live a somewhat normal life, education will be partially free.

The children will also have the opportunity to undergo therapy.

They agreed to teach them how to live in society, considering the fact that they have been lonely their whole life, they don’t talk. They will communicate through science.

“Another pleasing thing is that they will get a proper school for them our country aims at education for all disabled or not”.

The community center assured.


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