Police arrests man who allegedly stole an iPhone 11 from a passenger


A man was on Friday arrested in the Ipaja area of Lagos State for stealing an iPhone 11 from a passenger inside a tricycle and even went ahead to bribe policemen so as to allow him to escape.

Ismaila Yusuf was arrested by operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of the Lagos State Police Command on Friday afternoon after the owner of the phone recognised him and raised the alarm which prompted the officers to give him a hot chase.

According to the RRS in its Twitter handle, when the man, who even has an identity card, was eventually arrested, he pleaded and offered to give them bribe which the officers rejected, leading to his eventual arrest.

He was said to have stolen the phone from the victim two weeks ago, but on Friday, the victim saw him in the same Ipaja area and his alarm led to the arrest of the man who has now been detained at the Ipaja Police Station for further investigation.

According to the RRS in its Twitter handle: “Police officers on patrol along Ipaja have arrested a man, Yusuf, who was accused of stealing a phone (iPhone 11) from a passenger in a tricycle two weeks ago.

“The victim recognised the suspect on the road this afternoon before screaming and drawing the attention of the officers who gave him a hot chase and apprehended him.

“He offered them bribe for them to let him go but they declined and took him down to Ipaja Police Station for further investigation.”


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