European firm develops world’s fastest coronavirus test kit 


Paramedics, a Europe-based firm has developed the world’s fastest Coronavirus (COVID-19) test kit, which could give results in 15 minutes for football fans.

The kit, according to a source would help football fans return to the stadium to watch Premier League matches before March 2021.

Neptune Prime learned that the firm has been responsible for testing Premier League players since the return of football action in the country since summer.

Also, there will be mobile testing centres to help fans take rapid COVID-19 tests once the kit is available.

According to the chief executive officer, Premetics, Avi Lasarow, the test kit is crucial to seeing fans returning to the game.

“The test kit is crucial to a safe return, as these can be utilized across multiple locations as and when required and provide quick results to streamline the testing process.”

“A freedom pass is just one element of the processes and systems needed to accelerate a return to sport and cultural events.

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“To get Britain back to work and play, we need an integrated strategy where mass testing converges with clinical health passports that are linked with the Government’s track and trace system,” said Lasarow.

Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the financial side of the game among Premier League clubs which has led to the downsizing of clubs’ staff to as high as 50 per cent of staff strength to keep the clubs afloat.

Also, the pandemic has disrupted the whole football calendar for the 2020/2021 season across Europe.

The mobile test kit could be a game-changer in determining the number of fans that could be allowed to watch games onsite.


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