I was poisoned twice by my workers, but thank God for my life – Mr Ibu


Popular comic actor, John Okafor fondly referred to as Mr Ibu, has recounted how he was poisoned several times by the people he trusted.

In an interview with Nigezie Tv, the ace actor stated that he quit taking alcohol because his workers had used it to poison him twice.

The actor said, “I don’t take alcohol till now. People often say that I do not take alcohol but my stomach is big. I do not even eat much; I only take little since they gave me that poison. The belly was bigger than this but I began to take some medicine and it reduced to the extent that I was able to see my legs. Before, I never used to see my legs. Some boys gave me poison. They took me to Nnewi under the guise that I had a show. When we got there, they pounced on me and began to beat me. After they had beaten me, they put some poison in my mouth. They left me for dead till my dancers came to pick me. I did not wake up till they took me home; they had given up. I did not wake until I got home. God said, ‘I will not go yet.’ If not for God almighty I would have been a story. This was perpetrated by people who do not love me and those of them who think it is better they kill me. I leave the case for God. Whatever they think I have done bad, let God judge.

Mr Ibu continued, “Even here in my office, they brought the first poison, I took it. I was falling around, vomiting, nobody came to ask what was wrong with me. The workers did not enter even though they heard me falling all over the place. I vomited something. They gave me the second one. These are people working with me. I swallowed another one unknowingly until when God opened my eyes. That is why you cannot see any of them in my office except my sister that was working with me. They paid them, gave them enough money to make sure that they eliminate me. All those plans are from my town people who are surprised that I can make it in life, build houses, and go places. But their plans did not align with God’s decision. God said ‘NO’ and when He says ‘no’ everything is final.”


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