Staff Screening: Salary Management Committee in Niger urges unscreened civil servants to avail themselves


The Niger State Salary Management Committee, set up by the State Government to screen the state’s workforce with the view to ascertain the staff strength of the state, said that as of 23 September 2020, only 20, 675 staff were screened out of the total of 26,387 names submitted to the Committee by the office of the Head of Service.

The Chairman of the Committee, Engineer Ibrahim Muhammad Panti, disclosed this to newsmen during the post council briefing in Government House Monday.

Panti explained that, from the total of 26,387 names given to the committee, only 25, 861 staff registered with the Committee on its portal pointing out that 1,789 are pending as they have not completed the screening process while 3057 are put on hold due to questionable certificates at the point of entry and while in service.

The Committee also uncovered 773 civil servants who are yet to avail themselves for the screening while 340 people were either dead or retired from the state civil service.

The Chairman reiterated that the portal is still opened for those who are yet to register, while those who have registered but are yet to be screened should come forward for the screening, adding that time for such will soon elapse and those found wanting at the end will be made to face disciplinary actions.


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