Uganda court sentences former registrar for sexual assault on female student


An Uganda court has sentenced a former registrar in the College of Computing and Information Science, Edward Kisuze, to a fine of Shs4 million or two years in prison for sexually molesting a former student, Rachael Njoroge.

Kisuze was convicted on the count of indecent assault by a Buganda Road Chief Magistrate, Miriam Akello.

The Chief Magistrate said there was overwhelming evidence from the prosecution that proved the case of indecent assault against Kisuze.

“The judgment based on evidence adduced by the prosecution. All ingredients of indecent assault were proved beyond a reasonable doubt by the prosecution witnesses.

Akello said the accused is hereby sentenced to a fine of Shs4 million or in default serve two years in jail.

However, the Magistrate acquitted Kisuze of attempted rape.

It all started in 2018 after a photo of Kisuze was circulated on social media where he was seen assaulting Njoroge, a former student at the faculty.

In her testimony in court, Njoroge narrated that the encounter with the former registrar occurred when she had gone to pick her transcript after graduation. She narrated that Kisuze locked her up in his office and started assaulting her.

The prosecution contended that the unethical incident happened at Makerere University on 13 April 2018, when Njoroge showed up to certify her transcript and pick her recommendation letter. She was referred to the registrar’s room for help.

Later that evening, she was given the transcript but as she was trying to look through, Kisuze rushed and locked the office door before molesting her.

In his defence, Kisuze told the court that Njoroge, upon entering his office, started lamenting how she had been mistreated by the university. He said she actually told him she was feeling dizzy and that she had not eaten anything since morning.

Kisuze claimed as Njoroge tried to stand, she broke down in his office and he thought she was suffering from epilepsy.

“I was stuck; I did not know what to do but I managed to find some drinking water for her. After a few minutes, she started gaining consciousness and she asked what I was doing with her. While wailing, she picked her phone from the bag,” he said.

The former registrar denied being the person in the photos that Njoroge took and was at the time circulating on social media. He said Njoroge was framing him to destroy his 20-year career and ruin his marriage.


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