23-year-old Indian hemp farmer kills colleague in Ondo


Police in Ondo State have arrested a 23-year-old man, Benedict Owalun, over the murder of his colleague identified as Ekong who was beheaded during a fight inside an Indian hemp plantation in the state.

The duo were said to be working with other boys on the plantation located at Ipele in Owo Local Government Area of the state when the incident happened.

Owalun, an indigene of Cross Rivers State said that he had suspected the deceased for suspected spiritual foul play.

According to him, the deceased had threatened to deal with him spiritually.

Owalum said he had noticed that his manhood was no longer functioning and took the action because Ekong had threatened to kill him.

While confessing to the crime, Owalum said: “Five of us used to work on a farm in Ipele, where we cultivate Indian hemp for our boss called Okadigbo.

“We have been working there for about six months. So, on the last day when we’re about to leave the farm, there’s one of us called Felix and another known as Ekong who I have been suspecting of attacking me spiritually.

“Both of them had been telling me that they would have killed me since if they have their way. I reported the issue to Okadigbo but he failed to intervene.

“Later I began to have health issues as I could no longer urinate due to the spiritual attack by the boys. After a while, I confronted Ekong over the development but he threatened me with a cutlass and I took my own cutlass as well and we immediately engaged in a brawl.

“During the fight, he fell and I immediately cut off his head and the other boys ran away. I took the head away to the hut and later, I saw policemen who came to arrest me.”


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