Bauchi Assembly asks Gov’t to re-demarcate Yankari Games Reserve to save lives of residents


Bauchi State Government has been called upon to as a matter of urgency re-demarcate the boundaries of Yankari Games Reserve and Safari in Alkaleri Local Government in order to save the lives of residents of the area.

The call was made by Bala Abdullahi Dan member representing Duguri/Gwana Constituency in the State House of Assembly when he moved a motion on the issue during the plenary of the Assembly last Thursday.

While Leading the debate on the motion, Abdullahi explained that during the rainy season, Elephants use to penetrate nearby farms and villages consuming the produce and distracting the villagers, causing serious havoc to the local communities.

He added that his constituents have been deeply complaining over the distraction and loss of farm produce made during the rainy season a development he said is drawing the area backwards economically and otherwise.

The Member, therefore, prayed that the House should urge the State Government to re-demarcate the boundaries of the Reserve particularly the villages that are close to reserved areas such as Mainamaji, Dogon Ruwa, Yalo, Gale, Malla, Garin Kwari and Bogga at least to a kilometre ahead and the management should be motivated with all the necessary workforce that will work for hand in hand to curtail the damages caused by the animals.

In his contribution to the debate, Deputy Speaker, Danlami Ahmed Kawule representing Zungur/Galambi Constituency, said that the motion came at the right time looking at an incident that happened in which Elephants stormed a village in the Constituency, vandalized properties and killed some people.

He appealed to the House to advise the State Government to restructure the Games Reserve, personnel of the Reserve and confirm the Acting General Manager as substantive GM because of his capacity and ideas to develop the reserve

However, Musa Wakili Nakwada representing Bogoro Constituency asked whether the villages are there before the demarcation or they came after the demarcation because according to him, the place is a professional and national therefore it will not be easy for the reserve to be re-demarcated.

Nakwada added that if animals are destroying some farms, the people should rather be guided on the protection of what can temper with their farms and lives.

He said that “If animals reach some stage that can’t be controlled and is disturbing people, they should rather be treated or killed than re-demarcating the forest which is a national reserve, the communities can also be caged.”

Bakoji Aliyu Bobbo representing Chiroma Constituency opined that there is no way Yankari Games Reserve can be re-dermarcated because it belongs to the Federal Government.

He opined that” Since the mover of the motion is the Representative of his people, he knows the predicaments his people are going through, I suggest that the matter be referred to the House Committee on Culture and Tourism and Committee on Forestry and Environment and discuss with Yankari Games Reserve Management and sort out issues and give a recommendation to the House.”

Deputy Speaker, Danlami Ahmed Kawule observed that the word demarcation is what generated the debate, therefore he suggested the matter should be resettlement instead of re-demarcation supporting that the matter should be referred to the two committees to sort out the way out.

Sabo Bako Sade representing Sade Constituency said that since the areas demarcated are being destroyed, the House can go and see.

He also explained that outposts of ranchers are either not there or being destroyed, suggesting that creating more outposts for ranchers can salvage the problem.

After the debate, Speaker of the House, Abubakar Suleiman referred the matter to the House committees on Forestry and Environment and Culture and Tourism.

Also during the sitting, report of the House Committee on Health and Human Services on the lingering misunderstandings that ensued between the Ministry of Health, the Hospitals Management Board and the Primary Healthcare Development Agency over recruitment of additional manpower in the health sector was laid by Saleh Hodi Jibir representing Disina Constituency.

The Committee’s finding revealed that there is a serious communication gap between the health agencies which paved way for sycophants to thrive very well between them.

It also discovered that there is no approval for employment in any agency of the health sector yet but a proposal of 870 personnel to be recruited has been sent to the Governor for approval and there is strong move to absorb all the 270 volunteer staff currently working in 323 primary health centres in the state.

The Committee, therefore, recommended that the Ministry of Health and the two agencies have now clearly understood their span of responsibilities and have pledged to work in harmony, therefore they are directed to solve their internal issues for themselves.

Also, since it is now confirmed that there is no approval of employment of health workers in the State as at now, the committee recommended that the government should lift the embargo on employment, particularly in the health sector due to numerous health challenges in the state.

The House after the debate unanimously adopted the recommendations of the Committee and directed that same be communicated to the appropriate authorities in the state.


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