GSSS Shinkafi: Complete neglect of western education


Over the years, reports from WAEC, NECO, and JAMB coming out of Zamfara State have been that of complete embarrassment in which in the whole state sometimes, only five secondary school students are reported to have passed with five credits in NECO and WAEC or are able to get the cut-off mark in JAMB to qualify them for university admission.

Video emerging from Zamfara State of Government Science Secondary School Shinkafi, taken by a former student who is now a lecturer at the University of Sokoto, when addressing the students he met in his former hostel when he was a student at the school is not only appalling but sight as horrid that even animals are unfit to live in such conditions.

Describing the state of the school, he said, “It is a sight of children living in a hostel with half the roof torn off in a dilapidated hostel with open windows and no covering. What would go into the minds of people is how do they survive insects, mosquitoes especially, and the rainy season? That aside the hygiene is very poor the place looked like a pigsty. No one can study in such deplorable condition.”

This obviously shows the reality of education in Zamfara State. If a science school that needs to be given more priority by the government is neglected like this, then you can see why students in Zamfara State have continued to be woeful in national exams into higher institutions. This level of neglect is unacceptable as seen in Government Science Secondary School is unacceptable anywhere in the world.


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