Canadian university rejects Nigerian applicants for plagiarism


A Canadian university has reportedly expressed concerns over the act of plagiarism in the content of application written by many Nigerian applicants.

A Nigerian Tech CEO based in Canada, Tosin Ajibola, said he was contacted by the recruitment office of a University in Canada and they rejected the application of Nigerians who wish to study there, as many of them apparently copied each other’s application.

Taking to Twitter to make this known, Tosin wrote:

”I got a call from the recruitment office at a Canadian university today and the issue was most of the Nigerians who applied there have almost the same Statement of Purpose letters. Please show originality in your applications, use your own words……1/3

“It’s already a sign of plagiarism, how do you intend to get admitted when you’re showing these trends? Get guidance from your peers yes, but don’t use their exact words. Same goes for visa applications. The decline for Nigerian applicants has risen by 22.5 per cent …..2/3

…between 2015-2019 and that’s not good at all. Please share with your friends and family looking to apply to Canadian schools or any schools at all. Thank you”


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