Obtain building approval or we’ll demolish them – SDB


The Bauchi State Urban Development Board (SDB) has stated that it was mandated by the state government to regulate buildings and development of structures in the state capital and all 19 other Local Governments’ headquarters in the state.

General Manager of the board Engineer Sagir Aliyu Shamaki who stated this in an interview with journalists in his office explained that the board has categorized land into three in all the urban areas namely residential, business and commercial saying owners should not build outside their designated areas.

He pointed out that if someone wants to erect a structure, he should get a certificate of ownership from the board or ministry of land and present his drawings for approval by the board.

According to him, if one does not follow the guidelines, it may have his erected buildings removed as the board is determined to control illegal structures in Bauchi urban areas.

Aliyu said only customary lands are exempted from being registered with the state government explaining that owners can involve district heads or local government councils in such transactions.

The General Manager added that the other mandates of the board include the provision of street lights and their maintenance as well as the construction of roads, drainages, and roundabouts in local government headquarters.

“If you get approval, your structure is safe because even if the government wants to do anything on the land, you will be compensated. But if you don’t have approval, nobody will compensate you”. He noted.


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