Crazy! Lady set man’s house ablaze for sleeping off before she arrived after calling her for s3x at 4 a.m


A New Jersey woman has been accused of burning down a man’s house after he called her for s3x at 4 a.m but fell asleep before she arrived.

Taija Russell, 29-year-old, was arrested after she allegedly burned the man’s home in Woodbury, New Jersey in the early hours of the day.

The victim is believed to have asked Russell over for late-night sex but fell asleep and did not hear her knocking on his front door.

Police said she sent him a series of angry text messages saying: “I see you wanna die and you wasted my money to come out here”.

She then allegedly went to a nearby gas station to buy lighter fluid, matches and a lighter at 4 a.m.

Russell started the fire outside the doorway of the man’s house and then fled.

The man woke at about 4.30 am to see his house burning and had to escape through a window.

He ran to the nearby police station to alert them of the fire. Police said the man was covered in soot and ash.

Firefighters arrived to find the home completely engulfed in flames but they were able to rescue the man’s dog.

The man was rushed to a hospital after suffering from smoke inhalation, as well as first and second-degree burns.

Investigators said they immediately recognized signs of arson at the home and set up a crime scene.

They interviewed neighbours and reviewed hours worth of surveillance footage before they saw Russell.

Police then found the text messages from Russell on the victim’s phone and said there were eight missed calls from her.

The victim allegedly told police that Russell was his ‘side chick’ and said he had invited her over for s3x.

The police charged Russell with attempted murder, aggravated arson, endangering and criminal mischief.


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