Tribute To Malam Musa D. Amshi; an impactful life of service, by Suleiman Dauda


“All men must serve, and all men must die”. The Qur’an’s Al’Ankabut 29:57 says, “every soul must taste death, and in the end, unto us shall all be brought back”. Malam Musa D. Amshi, a controversial popular name, and global Nursing leader and Icon have passed on today Tuesday 12 January 2021.

Late Malam Musa was an intellectually upright person, a positive character sharper and an excellent Nursing administrator, politician, and leader who personified professional integrity and represents a commitment to the ideals of Nightingale and modern Nursing education in Nigeria and beyond.

Born on the 13 October 1960 in Amshi village of Bade Local Government Yobe State. Attended Amshi primary School, GSS Gashua, School of Nursing Maiduguri in 1983 where he obtained his Certificate as Registered Nurse and Kaduna Polytechnic in 1989 for his Nursing Education Post Diploma Course. Late Malam Musa also attended the University of Jos and University of Wales, Swansea United Kingdom in 2008 where he obtained his master’s degree.

In his career, late Malam Musa worked in both Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Most significantly, he will continuously be remembered for his professional commitment as pioneer Principal and later Provost of Shehu College of Nursing and Midwifery Damaturu where he was responsible for producing an entire Nursing generation currently working within and outside Nigeria.

There could not be a better tribute to late Malam than that he died literally with his boots on after been recalled from retirement and served the college that he established over two decades ago following the academic degeneration of the institution.

His death was associated with a Road Traffic Accident complications he got when he traveled to Nguru for Nursing and Midwifery MCPDP training sometime in 2013.

During his life, when he had the opportunity, he gave it all to his profession and mentoring his students, putting in place a high principle and punishing but a solid discipline that shaped his student character as a Principal and later Provost.

Confidently, Malam went home accomplished for his service even when there still a lot much to be done. Ever since when Malam came into our lives as his student, he was not one to run away from enforcing the rules and disciplinary measures and was very passionate about Nursing Education and the profession.

May Allah SWT, the ultimate judge to whom we shall all answer and whom he felt he should be answerable to beyond his principal and his conscience, have mercy on him. May Allah SWT forgive his sins, accept his good deeds, and grant him Aljannah Firdaus. May He comfort his family, friends, students, and loved ones. Ameen.

Suleiman Dauda is the Director of Programme, Yobe State Contributory Healthcare Management Agency (YSCHMA).


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