Former Borno health commissioner gives reason for sack


The former Borno Health Commissioner, Dr Salihu Kwayabura has said that his sack was neither political nor related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that claimed 36 lives.

In a statement yesterday in Maiduguri, Salihu said that he will remain grateful to Governor Babagana Zulum for serving the State Government as health commissioner.

He said that contrary to speculations and rumour making the round that his appointment was terminated owing to political reasons. “It’s not true; because out of thousands of people who were seeking the appointment to head the Ministry of Health, Zulum found him worthy to work with him,” he said.

According to him, “I never knew that I would be appointed Commissioner but it happened.

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“From that day I knew that I would leave this position like many others who had served and are no longer occupying just like me today.

“This is life and is about a scene, where someone will come and play his part and leave.

“I believe this is what happened and the governor of Borno state in his own wisdom took such a decision today.”

He noted that his sack was not a surprise; because he did not appoint himself in the first place.

He believed that someone else has the right to be appointed by the governor as he pleases.

According to him, if there are any reasons for administrative changes, the government would have made it known to the public.

“I do not believe that this is political or anything to do with my role in the COVID-19 team as being speculated.

“I am a professional medical personnel and I will continue to play a vital role in the administration of good health to Borno state.

“I’ll give advice where necessary and whenever I am invited to do so. “I believe I have a higher calling that informed this shift. After all we have faith that it is God who appoints one and at the time he so wishes.”


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