Nigerian troops attack Boko Haram in Timbuktu warzone, rescue captives


Nigerian troops have raided a major Boko Haram stronghold known as Timbuktu triangle.

The warzone, an “impenetrable” stronghold of the Boko Haram terrorists, the Timbuktu Triangle, comprising Buk, Talala, Gorgi in dreaded Sambisa Forest and areas around the Lake Chad axis had remained impenetrable for years despite efforts by the military in several previous operations.

But a clearance operation since last week has finally achieved success.

The offensive was carried out by Sector 2 troops and Special Forces Brigade of the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Air Force and the assault resulted in the rescue of citizens who had been in captivity.

Dozens of terrorists have been eliminated. Several arms, ammunition and other equipment used by the terrorists were discovered.

Clearance operation is ongoing at Buk, Talala, Gorgi, and other Boko Haram enclaves recently attacked.


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