Zaufanjinba: Plight of IDPs in the Northeastern Nigeria


In any society where there are kind-hearted initiatives that cherish putting smiles on people’s faces like Zaufanjinba, such society will no doubt be hopeful.

Zaufanjinba is a famous foundation founded by the current Borno State Commissioner for Finance, Budget and Economic Planning, Hon. Adamu Alhaji Lawan.

Zaufanjinba is a Kanuri word, literally means ever ready to assist or to give. The Foundation is concerned with helping the less privileged and needy members of the society, in the many areas of life, especially education.

According to the founder, the Foundation has been in existence before he joined the government’s affairs.

Since its inception, it has been playing a vital role in touching the lives of the common people. In the area of education, as an example, it has paid school fees for One Hundred students in one Islamic secondary school in Maiduguri, who could not be able to pay. Interestingly, most of these students have memorised the Holy Qur’an.

The Foundation has been helping students that could not afford to pay their registration fees both domestic and foreign students. The founder gives several examples that he could remember that he assist them in one way or the other. There is one student that the Foundation sponsored to go and study medicine in Sudan and came back to Nigeria with a distinction after her study.

So also the foundation assists one journalist with some amount of money and he uses it and invests in a business because nowadays life is not stagnant you need to diversify your means.

The plights of internally Displaced Persons are in every respect need maximum attention to keep them abreast of social amenities and re-integrate them with their families and friends.

It is believed that the Foundation will continue to do its best for humanity, with consideration to the orphans and less privileged in the society.

Society is cyclical in nature, which needs interdependence of variables to make things happen and as such well-meaning individuals in the community should render kindhearted support especially to Displaced persons in the North East subregion and Nigerian at large.


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