How ‘Embarrassing’ ear infection led 100-level FUTO student to commit suicide


Tears flowed at the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) community as a 100-level student of the Chemistry department, Daniel Uche Nwafor, committed suicide over a severe ear infection.

Reports gathered that the 18-year-old only child of his parents took his own life on Tuesday after he was diagnosed with a ‘severe’ ear infection.

Newsmen learned that Nwafor’s ear began to smell to the point that he could perceive and taste the pus from the infected ear.

This, it was believed, led the 18-year-old indigene of Anambra State to take his own life in order to avoid suffering embarrassment in public.

FUTO’s Student Union Government Public Relation Officer, Manume Excel, confirmed that the deceased was a first-year student of the institution and wondered why an 18- year- old would take his life.

“Yes, I am 100 per cent aware of his death. Currently, the school is on top of the matter, and as it stands now, I am writing a report to submit to the school management this morning.

“The student in question is a 100-level student of Chemistry department, 18-year-old and is hails from Anambra state. His name is Daniel Uche Nwafor.

“He was diagnosed with some health infection. While speaking with the mum yesterday, the mum said he was having an ear problem that was a bit severe that when it starts smelling, he could perceive and taste it. That was how severe the mother said his case was yesterday. We were with the mother till 9 to 10 pm last night at the police station.

“The guy packed into a new lodge and the mum was with him for about six days, that’s throughout last week, the mum was with him. They had to go home to check up on some things at home then the guy died after two days which was yesterday.

“There was a note he left though the police did not allow students to see it, I suspect the note to be a sort of an apology that his parents should not be angry that he could not be able to cope with the infection and stuff that came with it. So that is just a brief rundown of how things went yesterday,” he said.

Excel said Nwafor’s death left him and other FUTO students traumatised, adding that, “I had close to 600 chats yesterday that I could not reply, and all the chats were what happened, and I was now scared of repeating this story repeatedly to close to 600 persons that were asking me what happened.

“I am scared of pouring out my emotions in the report I am about to write finding out he is the only child of the parents. I felt he was just an only son till we went to the police station, we found out he was the only child of the parents.”

Excel noted that Nwafor’s mum was also at the scene when her son’s lifeless body was being evacuated.

On how Nwafor’s dead body was discovered, Excel said the deceased had sent a disturbing text message to the mum and she tried calling him back without success. Her inability to reach her son prompted her to visit his apartment off-campus.

“Why the mum came around, from what she said, was that the boy sent her a text message that got her worried and she started calling the boy and the boy was not taking his calls again, called the caretaker and the caretaker maybe was not with his phone maybe as at that moment.

“So, she became worried that this one I’m calling my son, and this a boy that parked into a new lodge barely a week and they were trying to make him comfortable as the only child. The mum said they bought a new generating set and provided anything he wanted, so the mum became worried and had to come down to the school to see that the boy is dead,” he said.

The SUG president said Nwafor’s body was evacuated to an undisclosed mortuary after officers from the Ihiagwa police station had examined the alleged suicide scene.


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