Photo captured in Damascus, Syria in the year 1889


This is a real photo that was captured in Damascus, Syria in the year 1889. The one being carried is a Christian called Sameer, who suffers paralysis in his arms and legs, while the one carrying him is a blind Muslim called Muhammed.

Sameer would depend on Muhammed for transportation in the busy streets of Damascus, and Muhammed also depended on Sameer to help him navigate, and pass obstacles on the same busy street.

Only one of them was able to walk and only one of them was able to see. They were both orphans and lived together in the same room. They were forever together.

They were different in almost every way.

Their faith was different.

Their tribes and ethnicities were different.

The problems they had were different.

These differences were important, but that didn’t deter Sameer and Muhammed from cooperating, because both men understood something bigger: they needed each other.

This shared need is still true in the world today. When Sameer died, Muhammed stayed in their room crying for a week, and as a result, he died after that week from sadness.

May God return the world to being that peaceful place where people can mutually co-habit in peace irrespective of their religious affiliations and be able to live side by side, in peace, comfort and friendship.


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