Self Reflection: A task for great minds, by Gift Patrick


Oftentimes individuals look back at previous events either good or bad that they’ve done and wished they hadn’t done it or should have done it a better way, people tend to make decisions or choices that they later regret.

It isn’t bad to make mistakes but repeating the same mistakes makes them bad, such mistakes when repeated eventually become a habit.

Self-reflection is the process of communicating with oneself as a habit of deliberately paying attention to one’s thoughts, emotions, decisions, and behaviours.

When people reflect on themselves, they build a strong and better version of themselves and erect opinions about themselves rather than following the opinion of others.

In self-reflection, people weigh the decisions they intend to make and the outcome of the decision. Self-reflection helps people to develop themselves, what they are capable of doing, setting priorities right.

It also helps people to inwardly build themselves, develop self-esteem, have control over their character, attitude and emotions rather than allowing their emotions and attitude to control them.

In the process of self-reflection, people must be willing, to be honest to themselves. When being honest, people will be able to understand their selves better and know their weaknesses and strength and work on themselves where there is a need to.

Observation is key in self-reflection. Individuals observe themself to overcome behaviours that are addictive or habitual.

Great minds must imbibe the deliberate habit of self-reflection in order to excel even though the practice of such may not be as easy as it may look like with varying distractions from movies, sports, social media and so on which are time taking. People must create a quiet time for themselves.

In the journey of life, people have to pause for a moment pause and carefully examine their life to see if they are happy with the way things are going for them or not. Through this, one has insight and is being driven by perspective and passion for what he want’s in life. Also, making one assess the progress they are making in life.

Do not make anyone make you feel less of yourself rather, reflect, examine and build yourself.

Gift Patrick is a Mass Communication student of Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic, Bauchi.


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