Abdulrasheed Bawa, the youth question, by Haruna Aliyu Usman


Economic and financial crimes commission (EFCC) is now wearing a new look after it was ravaged by controversy and a huge amount of allegations, the commission has become a victim of power tussle between the boss and his subordinate each of them accusing each other of sabotage.

Long before now, Nigerians have lost confidence in the nation’s financial crimes watchdog as it has being accused of shielding real thieves and going after the oppositions, the public rating of the commission is so low that many think once you are invited by the EFCC you are done for as you only need to part with some chunk of the loot and a lawyer the rest is history.

From the inception of the body, it has been one problem or the other, none of the leaders left with clean hands from the pioneer chairman Nuhu Ribadu to Lamorde to Farida and recently Ibrahim Magu, the past leaders were seen as a rubber stamp that was used by their masters and dumped with heaps of stains as they were unleashed to supposed enemies of the then reigning government, Magu who came to serve a government whose clear vision is fighting corruption expected a free hand devoid of interference from all quarters but the entire narrative changed as he couldn’t profile and arrest those in the fold of the ruling APC, he has been constantly accused of going after the opposition, powerful hands twice refused Magu confirmation acting based on DSS report, his exit was rather too unwholesome as he left the stage with an avalanche of allegations.

President Muhammadu Buhari acted on the recommendations of Ayo Salami panel who recommended among other things that EFCC chairman must not come from the police again though other recommendations are yet to be implemented but certainly it paved the way for the 40-year-old Abdulrasheed Bawa from Kebbi state, his nomination too met stiff resistance as he was accused of corruption, be that as it may the senate recently confirmed him, he is now the current anti-corruption watchdog, Bawa is now faced with high task of multi-faceted side, he represent the youth and the country consumed by corruption, Nigerian youth over time cry over marginalisation now Bawa is the litmus taste of the suffocated youth, his success will brighten up youth chances while his failure will cast doubt on youth ability to govern or hold high positions in government therefore Bawa must not fail he must give youth reason to believe in themselves by holding to count politicians in Nigeria who holds public offices across all divides.

The question on the lips of Nigerians as the AGF Malami was alleged to have played a key role in bringing Bawa to the hot seat, will Bawa remain answerable to the only presidency or he will dance to the tune of his alleged master, as we celebrate Bawa he is, without doubt, the man in the eye of the storm, save the youth Bawa dance to no one’s tune be the youth ambassador the youth looks up to you.


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