Stray lion attacks Ngala village, injures 3, kills 2


A lone lion on rampage has attacked people in the outskirts of Makare village, a town in the neighbouring border of Cameroon, about 30 kilometres away from Ngala local government of Borno state Nigeria.

The lion is said to have attacked the people who came out early in the morning to their farms, killed two, and subsequently wounded three people in the nearby bush outskirts of the town before local vigilantes and secure outposts were alerted to came to the rescue and shot the lion dead.

The town geographically located in Northern Cameroon is majorly occupied by three tribes of Kanuri, Shuwa, and Kotoko.

The lion might have lost its way and separated from its flog roaming around the bordering National park forest due to the current change in the weather of the zone.

People however alerted the vigilantes in the area upon the news that the lion is killed and its body was brought by the securities while the injured were taken to hospital for medical treatment.


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