Bauchi Gov’t to partner private coy on urban development


Bauchi state government has entered into a public-private partnership with Abuja-based indigenous investment and construction company known as KK Kingdom Nigeria Limited, under a land swap arrangement that will deliver a State of art environmentally friendly city at zero cost to the state government-financed by Norrenberger.

The KK Kingdom Nigeria Limited will invest N4.5 billion in the first instance to deliver top-class serviced plots, on 81 hectares of prime land and a 2.8 km dual carriageway, as part of the inner southern bye-pass corridor, in exchange for right over a percentage of serviced plots.

Bauchi State Commissioner of Lands and Survey, Professor Adamu Ahmed, and Vice President of KK kingdom Nigeria Limited, Abdullahi Naziru Abdullahi, stated this separately in Bauchi while answering questions from reporters over-commitment of the state government and upgrade of essential infrastructure through urban renewal, to prepare the state for sustainable growth and development.

They said, “the scheme accommodates a three arms housing zone for the Legislature, Judiciary and the Executive, a multifunctional corridor, recreation, and public facilities areas”.

Naziru said features under the arrangement include, 456 units of 900–1200 metre square of residential plots, 125 units of government reserve area, more than 20 km of internal roads connected to individuals plots.

The city is located in the old airport linked by the new 2.8 km dual carriageway Tambari by-pass, Murtala Mohammed Way.

He said presently they are constructing a 2.8-kilometer dual carriageway at Tambari by-pass, which is located in the old airport linked to Murtala Mohammed way in Bauchi.

The group head design of the firm, Architect Faisal Ben Umar said there will be social amenities in the plots that include amenities, neighbourhood shopping mall, farmers, market, and petrol/gas stations.

In addition, there will also be a children’s playground, schools, clinic, solar street lights, underground electric connection and water supply, fibre optics high-speed internet network, and green landscaping.

The Commissioner of Land explained that the state commenced landmark development of Bauchi city centre at the old Bauchi Airport site, a project first conceived 45 years ago and an essential part of the Bauchi town masterplans prepared in 1976.

“The 1976 masterplan had recommended the relocation of the old airport from the heart of the city, to pave way for a modern city centre, a part of which was to accommodate the federal and state secretariats, the stadium, and a multifunctional corridor of banking services,” Naziru said.

He also observed that cities are prime fields for financial capital and the state is committed to adopting innovative partnerships and funding strategies towards financing key infrastructure and basic services, particularly by making financial assets out of the land in state procession.

The Bala Mohammed-led administration is implementing an ambitious urban renewal program, with five major new township roads already completed and seven under construction, including the dualization of four approach roads into the capital city, and a new residential district of 1,500 housing units.


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