Woman turns down marriage proposal of Yahoo boy who exchanged manhood for money (Video)


Wonders they say shall never cease. A video that went viral recently, captured a moment when a suspected Yahoo boy cried profusely after a lady turned down his marriage proposal.

The young man went down on his knees in public to propose to the lady simply known as Betty but she repeatedly turned him down despite persuasions from people around.

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From the footage, another guy who seemed to be provoked by the lady’s attitude told the girl to say yes but she responded as thus;

“Say yes, say yes. Can you give me babies? What do you want,” she asked the boyfriend.

Betty walked out on the young man and he broke down in tears immediately. When people tried to console him, telling him to man-up, he cried out in anguish saying “I exchanged my manhood for money for this girl, Betty why me?”


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