Nigeria automobile council presents electric car to Gov Buni, to establish training centre in Yobe


The Nigeria Automobile Design and Development Center said it will support the Yobe State Government in the development of its Modern Trailer Transit Camp in Potiskum.

This was disclosed by Mr Jelani Aliyu, Director-General, Nigeria Automobile Design and Development council who visited Buni on Thursday.

He said the council would establish an automotive training center in Potiskum to complement the efforts of the state government.

“Your Excellency you have done great by establishing the Trailer park, the proposed training center would best be put to use at the trailer park” Jelani said.

Buni thanked the council for showing interest in the project and willingness to assist the State Government in the development of the trailer park.

Buni said “Potiskum has over 8,000 truck owners, it has the largest cattle market in West Africa so the business of trucks is very huge and the need for the automotive training center at the trailer park in Potiskum is the best thing to do.”

Buni assured the cooperation of the state government to execute the project.

According to the Buni, the trailer park when completed would provide 5,000 direct jobs to the people.

The Governor, along with Jelani, had a test drive of an electric car to demonstrate support for the reduction of carbon emission and a safer ecosystem.


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