Oprah Winfrey’s interview with royal couple sparks over 4,000 Offcomer complaints as fallout continues


Offcomer has been flooded with complaints from viewers over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The two-hour special, which aired on ITV on Monday, 8 March saw more than 11 million people tune in to see the couple open up about Royal life.

It quickly became the most-watched show of the year, with the fallout from their chat still happening to this day.

The TV watchdog has now announced that they received 4,398 complaints about the episode.

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It is not clear what the objections were over, and whether any action will be taken by Offcomer.

The tell-all interview originally aired on CBS on 7 March and saw the Duke and Duchess of Sussex make a number of shocking revelations about life inside the royal family.

During the candid conversation, Meghan opened up about her suicidal thoughts as she struggled to come to terms with life in the spotlight.

However, it has now been revealed that ITV edited the chat, removing ‘misleading’ headlines from the original footage.

Throughout the special, headlines popped up on-screen which were said to have been manipulated to support the couple’s claim they were subjected to racist coverage from publications in the UK.

Associated Newspapers lodged a complaint to CBS over ‘deliberate distortion and doctoring’ in a segment of the interview, arguing that the portion was designed to showcase the British tabloid coverage of Meghan may have been racist was ‘seriously inaccurate and misleading.

In a letter sent to CBS on Friday, Associated Newspapers’ legal director, Elizabeth Hartley, said: “Many of the headlines have been either taken out of context or deliberately edited and displayed as supporting evidence for the programme’s claim that the Duchess of Sussex was subjected to racist coverage by the British press.

“This editing was not made apparent to viewers and, as a result, this section of the programme is both seriously inaccurate and misleading.”

According to the Telegraph, an ITV spokesman stated it would remove three manipulated Daily Mail, MailOnline, and Mail on Sunday headlines, plus a headline wrongly attributed to the Guardian.


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