Police in Ondo nab man for strangling wife to death, threatening daughter


Mr Gbenro has been arrested by the police for strangling his wife, Wayesola to death, while she was sleeping and threatened to kill his daughter.

Ondo State Police spokesperson, ASP Tee-Leo Ikoro confirmed this took place on Tuesday morning at Salvation Army Street, Odojomu, Ondo, Akure.

The daughter, Fayoke, who witnessed this, narrated to the police after her father was arrested, that she watched in great fear and fury as her father strangled her mother to death in the middle of the night after she had gone out to ease herself.

She said she couldn’t do anything about the incident as her father threatened to kill her too but her screams of horror alerted the neighbours.

On discovering what happened, the neighbours called the deceased’s brother and later locked Gbenro in the house, preventing him from escaping.

ASP Tee-Leo Ikoro said that the matter has been transferred to the state Crime Investigation Department (CID) for further investigation.


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