43-year-old man sues wife for allegedly committing abortion


On Tuesday, Salisu Ibrahim, a 43-year old businessman dragged his wife, Basira Adamu before a Shari’a Court sitting in Magajin Gari, Kaduna, for allegedly terminating her pregnancy.

The complainant said this in a statement through his counsel M.M. Dahiru, adding that the defendant trespassed into his house and took away some of his belongings.

He said: “She travelled to Kano with her sister-in-law without my permission, claiming that she had a miscarriage due to a motorcycle accident”.

The counsel, who noted that Ibrahim divorced his wife under coercion, stated that he upturned the divorce because of the love he had for her.

Basira through her defence lawyer, Murtala Idris, said that the miscarriage she had was not planned.

He further stated that his client is no longer his wife because “he granted her divorce and she has completed her waiting period (Iddah),” he said.

The judge, Nuhu Falalu, in his verdict said that a man and his wife are one in statutory law and as such, there is no criminality between them.

He urged the two parties to try to settle the matter out of court and adjourned the matter until 26 April for a report of settlement.


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