Cristiano Ronaldo’s armband against Serbia raises money for Serbian child


Cristiano Ronaldo’s angrily-discarded captain’s armband is up for auction to raise money for a sick child in Serbia.

The Juventus star threw his captain’s armband to the ground in disgust at the failure to award a goal for his shot that had clearly crossed the line against Serbia, leaving Portugal with a point instead of all three.

However, the Portuguese superstar’s moment of outrage could end up being a life saver, given that the armband was recollected and is now being used to raise money for a sick child in Serbia.

Little Gavril Djurdjevic, who is just six months old and from the city of Kragujevac, suffers from spinal muscular atrophy.

According to the Associated Press , the charity got the armband from a stadium worker who picked it up after Ronaldo threw it away and stormed off before the final whistle.

The group said the armband, which is blue with the capital letter C in white, will be put on an online auction for three days.

While Ronaldo’s petulant behaviour has been widely criticised , it looks as though his actions may have a positive result after all.


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