Domestic Violence: Housewife arrested for assaulting husband, alleged to have killed their 8-month old baby


The Ogun State Police Command has arrested a 43-year-old housewife, Bisola Awodele, for pouring hot water on her husband and causing him serious harm.

This was announced in a statement on Sunday by the Command’s spokesperson, Abimbola Oyeyemi.

According to Oyeyemi, the suspect, a mother of five, was apprehended after her husband fled to Sango Ota Area Command with first-degree burns all over his body and claimed that his wife accused him of repeatedly getting drunk, and as a result, picked up a pot containing already boiling water and poured it on his body.

Following the report, ACP Muhideen Obe, the Area Commander, quickly directed his JWC Section to arrest the woman.

During questioning, Awodele explained to the police that her husband has a habit of coming home drunk every night and not caring about her and their children’s well-being.

She continued, “On that fateful day, my husband came home drunk as usual, and while I was moaning about it, he began mocking me and my parents, which enraged me and caused me to bathe him in hot water.”

During investigations, the suspect was discovered to have given birth to a baby about eight months ago, but she allegedly killed and secretly buried it out of frustration.

Since then, the detectives have tracked down the baby’s hidden grave, where the body has been exhumed.

Oyeyemi said the State Commissioner of Police, Edward Awolowo Ajogun, had ordered the immediate transfer of the case to the state Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department for more investigation.

He added that the suspect will be charged to court at the end of the investigation for further investigation and prosecution.


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