Yobe youths demand replacement of Hassan Mohammed as Gov Buni’s ADC


Youths in Yobe under the aegis of Concerned Yobe Youths, have called for the immediate replacement and removal of DSP Hassan Muhammad Misau, the Aide de Camp (ADC) to the Governor Mai Mala Buni.

The youths accused the ADC of not only being high-handed in the exercise of his duties, but also usurping other privileged powers for selfish reasons.

This is just as they called on the inspector general of police to consider sending Misau for more training on the job.

Ali Abbas Geidam, leader of the youths, in a chat with newsmen said Misau had hijacked duties of the protocol staff at the Government House in Yobe as well as the governor’s personal house in Abuja, deliberately preventing Yobe indigenes from accessing the governor through selective and preferential tactics for selfish reason.

“The very arrogant and disrespectful manner he has gone about frustrating Yobe sons and daughters from accessing the governor, suggests he is out to give Buni very terrible image and bad public relations.

“For reasons best known to the ADC, even when you are on appointment with the governor, he deliberately frustrates you while at the same time being nice to those who seem to understand his selfish tactics and crooked ways.

“Yobe people will be most unfortunate if he allows an opportunist to ruin his relationship with the people in Yobe State. A lot of the youths in Yobe fought, campaigned and struggled to enthrone Buni’s government.

It is therefore, unacceptable for Misau to constitute himself as lord over the governor and determine who to see the governor or not,” the youth leader said.

Geidam asked the governor to investigate the activities of the ADC as stories of official misconduct as well as indulgence in various issues and government business by the ADC continue to grow thick in Yobe.

“When ADC lords himself over a governor in the name of protecting him but uses the privileges of his office to also indulge in activities that are external and foreign to his primary assignment, it behoves on the governor to act immediately lest he attracts unwarranted public opprobrium for acts that the governor might not know about,” the youth leader said.


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