What COVID-19 pandemic taught me – Aisha Tsamiya


Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya is 30-years-old; according to most members of Kannywood, she is upright and down-to-earth in her dealings.

She tells Aliyu Askira in this interview that since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, she has diversified her businesses by mostly concentrating on advertisements for companies and dealing in beverages and others:

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, you have been scarce; what have you been into?

Recently, nothing much is happening in the industry, even though some producers have introduced new programmes which they run in series. They include Izzar so; Gidan Badamasi; Kwana Casain; Labari Na, and what have you. All these are aimed at keeping our members busy before the COVID-19 issue will finally fade away.

But for me, I have decided to go into modelling, advertising products for textile owners, food beverages, and in some cases, boutiques and saloons, with most of their products bearing my name.

People have been calling me to ask whether or not the new business outfit belongs to me, but the truth is that people use my beauty and acceptance in Kannywood to open businesses bearing my name.

However, they are not actually mine, even though my goods have just arrived from several foreign countries and I have now opened my own shop in Kano on Gwarzo Road, Opposite the NYSC Secretariat. So, my fans will see less of me in films henceforth.

There are several reports in the media that you now spend most of your time producing gospel music; what is the true story?

Well, it is true; but if you say gospel music, some will think the other way especially because it is synonymous with Christians. I am very deep into religious activities, not singing per se, as I try to promote religious activities through songs and musical interludes.

I feel that it will be shameful for a Muslim to end up in hellfire, that is why my yes is always yes and my no is always no.

This, my colleagues in Kannywood can testify to. I won’t lie, I don’t make fake promises, and I hardly engage myself in bad social vices. I am as clean as the cotton, as pure as bottled water, and I can tell you that daily, I receive proposals, especially for marriage, from many suitors.

Go to my Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya page on Facebook or Instagram and you will see the number of followers.

My belief is that I don’t have to deceive you or waste your time; if I know that you don’t fit my bill, I am as transparent as I can be. In fact, I don’t keep even female friends, my friend is my heart, I follow what my heart dictates to me.

Since you have thousands of people that want your hand in marriage, will you set up a committee and give them guidelines to select who will be your future husband?

Well, once we start relating with you, before a week or two, I will know where you are heading to. If you are for marriage, I will know, if you are for fun, I will know, if you are in my class, I will know, and if you are not, I will know.

Let me tell you a common proverb in Hausa, Mutane Wani Lokaci Suna Ma Kallon Rogo Kitse; some people think that Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya is a multi-millionaire, but the truth is that I am not because apart from my legitimate earnings from films and commercials, I don’t follow politicians, I don’t follow rich men for money, I am not interested in their dollars, I am not interested in their luxury vehicles, I am not interested in their sponsorships to visit most exotic places in the world. I am not interested inexpensive houses that they can buy for me, what I am interested in is my dignity as a woman, and to make it to paradise as a Muslim.

I don’t go out with a boyfriend, I don’t go out with sugar daddies, and I am what I am, and the little that I earn legitimately is okay for me. I will soon choose who to marry among my thousands of admirers, but the guy must be extremely sincere and honest and somebody that I will spend the rest of my life with.

Is it true as reported on social media that you receive close to a billion proposals for marriage every day?

I also read it and I laughed because the entire population of Nigeria is approximately a quarter of a billion; that is 250 million. So, who are the other 750 million people?

Even if all Nigerians are asking me for marriage daily, it is not true. However, I have a huge number of people asking me for marriage and you are free to join the queue (prolonged laughter).


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