Youths intercept, beat 2 anti-Buhari protesters in Kogi (Videos)


Two men staging an anti-Buhari campaign were beaten up and received backlash from residents in Kogi State.

The two anti-Buhari men stormed the area holding placards that read ”Buhari Must Go”. They also used paint to write on the wall in the environment, displaying their displeasure with the Buhari-led government.

They were, however, intercepted by some youths in the area who told them that Kogi State is for Buhari and that such a protest was not welcome and used whips to flog the men as they ordered them to clean the anti-Buhari inscription they wrote on the wall.

Confirming the incident, the Kogi State Commissioner of Police, Ayuba Edeh told newsmen that, while the people have the right to protest, it must be done lawfully without inciting the public.

According to him, the young men could not have been protesting at the wee hours of the night, just as he stressed that painting walls, buildings and pasting anti-Buhari posters can not be termed as a peaceful protest.

Meanwhile, the Kogi State Government has condemned campaigns by some individuals against President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government.

The Kogi State Commissioner for Information and Communication, Kingsley Fanwo in a statement on Monday alleged that the youths who were sponsored congregated at Benue State from where they moved to Kogi State and began to paint walls as well as display anti-Buhari posters that were printed in a South-South State.

He noted that Kogi youths who are ardent supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari apprehended the sponsored hoodlums and handed them to law enforcement agents for possible prosecution for violating the Environmental Laws of Kogi State and disturbing the peace of the people.

The statement read in parts, “We are placing it on record that the fanatical following of Mr President by Kogi people is borne out of our faith in his integrity and quality leadership. Kogi is PMB and PMB is Kogi.

“The Kogi State Government hereby sound a note of warning to all agents of destabilisation to steer clear of our state in their bid to play divisive, destructive, destabilizing and debilitating politics. Kogi is focused on development and commitment to improving the living standards of the people.

“For us, Buhari is more than a national leader. He represents an ideology that protects the poor and the weak, an ideology of transparency and accountability, an ideology of security and stability. These are the unfailing strings that bind us with Mr President”.


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