Nigerian Gov’t will pardon jailbreakers that surrender – Aregbesola


Following the jailbreak of inmates in Owerri prison Imo State, the Federal Government said while it is unlawful to escape custody, the inmate who is willing to surrender will be pardoned.

Rauf Aregbesola, the Minister of Interior stated this while inspecting the facility, saying willful returnees would be excluded from prosecution.

Aregbesola also disclosed that the despicable act will not go unpunished and that the federal government would go to any extent to apprehend and prosecute those involved.

“Unlawful escape from custody is a crime but the government, in its magnanimity will grant amnesty to prisoners who willfully return.

“They will no longer be charged with an unlawful escape but only for the initial crimes that took them to prison. So we urge all escapees to return before they are caught on the run”.

According to the Deputy Controller of Correctional Service in charge of the Owerri custodial centre, Seye Oduntan, 36 inmates stayed back after the attack.


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