We must condemn attacks on Northerners, economic interests in south – Gov Matawalle


Governor Bello Matawalle has condemned the increased killing of Northerners and harming its economic interest in the southern part of the country.

The governor, in a statement on Thursday, said current happenings in the country have made it imperative to say the real truth for Nigeria to prosper as a nation and to prevent the situation of anarchy some disgruntled, unpatriotic Nigerians want to drag the nation to.

“We have seen the destruction, the killings and the devastation recently at Shasha Market against Northerners and their economic interests. Properties worth billions of Naira were lost in addition to human lives yet some leaders in the South West are downplaying the atrocities committed or at best justifying it.

“Last Sunday’s killings of innocent Northerners in Imo is one too many and no matter how we love peace, leaders with conscience and fear of God must speak out against this continued barbarism and hatred. If that is allowed to continue, we will not take that any longer as no human life is better than another. No business interest is better than another.

The governor said simple statistics on instances of unprovoked attacks against Northerners and their economic interests in the South in recent times tells who is more tolerant, accommodating and peaceful between criminal elements and their backers that are well known in sponsoring such hatred and attacks against Northerners in the South.

“Sadly, we all can identify the thugs, the instigators of such xenophobic attacks. They are very much known and visible in spreading their messages of hatred, incitement and provocation but unfortunately, they and their leaders have continued to blackmail the Federal Government while the government seems to be succumbing to such acts of blackmail, allowing them to live like kings and even bluntly refusing legitimate invitation by the Police.

“Whoever doesn’t want to believe in the current constitution, which is so far the legal and legitimate instrument behind our existence, should pack and leave the country as we will not tolerate any form of intimidation any longer.

Matawalle also claimed that the same level of hatred has been transferred to the President by so-called protesters that could not hide their disdain and hatred for the North.

Their actions which he accessed to be uncivilised, highly irresponsible, unpatriotic, disregarding and disrespectful to the person and office of the President and has demonstrated the growing hatred against anything North.

He, therefore, counselled that for the country to survive and defend its interest, our leaders must have the courage, to always speak out against such aggression and to protect the country’s interests.


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