Yahoo boy shuts down shopping mall in Lagos by spraying money (Video)


A video making round the internet has shown a suspected Yahoo boy, popularly known as NBA G-boy, spraying lots of money in a shopping mall in Lagos State.

It was reported that NBA G-boy had boasted on social media that he’s not afraid of the EFCC because he has been scamming people ever since he was 18-year-old.

He had earlier boasted of being richer than Hushpuppi which made people call everything about him fake. As a result of that, he said he would visit Nigeria to get his travelling documents cleared because he was in Atlanta and had issues with his papers.

When he eventually came back, NBA G-boy went to a shopping mall in Lagos and caused uproar by spraying money all around the place and people were seen picking the ‘awuf’ (free) money.

The suspected Yahoo boy who seems to have a lot of money to flaunt around on social media has gained more popularity after the show at the Lagos mall.


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