Wife seeks release of husband arrested for assaulting, knocking out her teeth


A woman identified as Alice Effiong has asked for the release of her husband, Columbus Effiong, who was detained for physically assaulting her.

According to reports, a human rights group, Advocates for Children and Vulnerable Persons Network had received a distress call that Alice was allegedly battered by her lawyer husband.

Alice, who lost her front teeth to the beatings she got from Mr Effiong, said that the doctor had informed her of the need to get artificial teeth installed. She said her husband had been beating her for a long time but she described the latest assault as brutal.

Following the report, ACVPN Coordinator, Ebenezer Omejalile ensured the arrest of Columbus but sadly, instead of cooperating with the rights group and the police to ensure her husband is brought to justice, Alice had turned around to recant her statement adding that her husband was innocent and would want him released immediately.

Meanwhile, before his arrest, Columbus, in a conversation with their landlord, was heard complaining of the frustrations he had experienced at the hand of his wife. He said his wife pushed him into it, citing several ways she had allegedly not lived up to her responsibilities.

Columbus said, “If it is a prison, I am ready, even if it is for 10 years, I’ll be happy, so she will feel the brunt of what I am feeling, the school fees, the feeding, the nonsensical thing she is doing in my house. She has pushed me into this. Why will somebody with children be sleeping around 8:30 am? There is no love; it is the children that are making me condone her in this marriage.”

He was heard promising to further assault his wife for trying to take legal steps against him.

Alice had earlier said that she didn’t want to separate from her husband but hoped he could be prevailed upon so as to stop assaulting her.


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