Geidam: Matters arising, by Dr Matawalli Ajagana Geidam


There are calamitous times when the entire people and leadership of a community need prayers, assistance, and support more than other times. This is such a time for the beleaguered, traumatised, and tormented good people in and around the principalities of Geidam and Geidam Ballara, land of the conservative hard-working farmers and Islamic scholars of Matakuskum, Shuwari, Balle, Bukarti, Mairari, Mozogon, Kanamma, and Kelluri; of blessed and revered land of the Sheikhs of Zaye, Kusur, Yunusari, Ma’anna, historic Zurkuduk, Futchimiram and many scattered settlements of Zarara on the banks of the River Yobe. Descendants of the foregone and declined historic land of Kutushi, Shimale, and great Gazargamu.

The daring attack by ISWAP (?) might be the worst of the many similar attacks on the town in the last eight years as the insurgents are allegedly planning to make Geidam, the headquarters of the local government and Emirate council, one of their bases, despite the presence of an army battalion in the historic town.

While efforts to regain control of the part of the town from the insurgents is ongoing, we call on all relevant government agencies, INGOs, philanthropists, and politicians to kindly extend assistance to the entire people and organisations in the LG. Apart from the traumatised people, there are institutions such as the general hospital, the state polytechnic, and other primary and secondary schools scarred by previous attacks and needing assistance to refurbish and renovate.

We acknowledge with profound gratitude and appreciation those whose past efforts are earth embossed; SEMA under the auspices of the people-oriented previous and present administrations of Yobe State, under the true people-oriented leadership of Mai Mala Buni and Senator Ibrahim Gaidam, Senator representing Geidam LG and six others, and Architect of modern Geidam town; North East Development Commission (NEDC) through the hard-working academic state Coordinator, the National leadership of the Commission, and the supervisory Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs.

The many individuals and top politicians who by their sophisticated nature, culture, and principle are not inclined to having their good deeds and assistance, especially to the less privileged, publicised.

We also appreciate those from far and near who pray every day and night for the restoration of normalcy in all troubled spots in the entire Northeast and Nigeria. People who pray to the Almighty Allah (SWA) for the healing of those injured and traumatised, and for the freedom of those abducted.

To all those who pray for the complete end of the seemingly endless and pervasive mind-boggling illogical tragedy and for miraculous peace to prevail in all the hotspots in the world. May Allah silence the guns and bombs used to kill innocent people all over the world.

We call on the Federal Government of President Muhammadu Buhari, working tirelessly and having sleepless nights, to kindly put more efforts to end the gloomy insecurity in the Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and indeed West African sub-region as a whole.

Despite the recent economic challenges, we have the human and material resources to broker or enforce peace in West Africa.

We call on the many good international humanitarian non-governmental organisations to kindly and quickly extend humanitarian assistance to the displaced, to those who cannot even afford to relocate to safer grounds for lack of the means to relocate, and those brave, who despite all the palpable challenges stayed submitting to Almighty Allah their safety and those of their families to protect them. May Allah accept the prayers of those who supplicate, fast, implore and cry to Him for restoration of lasting peace in Geidam and its environs, the renowned historic Cradle of Nigerian civilisation!

Dr Geidam writes from Maiduguri and can be reached at


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