Lady marries husband’s corpse in Kenya (Video)


A widow, identified as Beatrice Mbayi, married her late husband, William Godfrey Mukalama, in Funyula Busia County, Kenya.

The wedding ceremony was attended by a large crowd.

The bride, wearing a white wedding dress, was escorted by women in the community, as she walked down to the corpse housing her husband’s body.

“We are aware it is not your wish to have a wedding ceremony in this manner, but kindly accept this ring so that you and your wife will remain one,” the man presiding over the ceremony told the dead groom.

According to reports, Beatric Mbayi is a member of the Jerusalem Church, headed by Prophetess Mary Akatsa, whom they call Mummy.

Members of the church view death as graduation, hence the belief that even in death a couple could remain together.


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