How Lagos-based socialite, Rasak Jikoji was assassinated in front of his home


Chief Rasak Jikoji, the Baale of Badore community, Lagos-based socialite, has been assassinated. He was assassinated last week on his way home with his personal assistant.

While speaking to newsmen, the deceased’s aide said he was invited to the house 24 hours before his boss’ death, and on getting to the house, he met his boss in a meeting with some people whom he later left together with to inspect a plot of land in the community.

He further stated that, while returning from the location where the piece of land was situated, two men approached them, making them run out of the car.

He said he was able to escape but unfortunately, the deceased was overpowered by the assailants who first attempted to shoot at him twice but failed as the gun did not go off, then he was hit with a big stone on his head which made him lose consciousness.

The 60-year-old was rushed to the Lagos Island General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, the matter was reported at the Langbasa Police Station.

Quoting the aide of the Baale, he said, “He joined them in their car, while I drove his car behind them. About 15 minutes later, he came down from their car and entered his car. He said we should return home.

“As we were approaching the gate, he wound up the glass. I was about to park when I saw two men coming towards the passenger’s side. One of them covered his face and the other had a gun.

“I believe I heard one of them say, ‘It is you that wants to become Baale’. They tried to shoot twice, but the gun did not go off. They came in front of the car and tried to shoot again.

“I put the car in reverse and tried to speed off. The road was not good and in our attempt to flee, the car ran into a ditch. Chief asked me to run out. I opened the door before they got to us. As we were running, they caught up with him.

“The second guy, who was chasing me, later went back. I looked behind and saw that the chief had already engaged the other man who had the pistol. I believe that the gun fell at a point. But the guy, who went back, picked a stone and smashed it on his head. The other guy picked up the pistol and shot him,” he said.

The aide said the suspects later escaped in a tricycle that he had earlier noticed on the premises without suspecting anything.

He added that upon his return to the scene, he saw Rasak in a pool of his blood and raised the alarm, as his wife and other residents rushed him to the general hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The victim’s wife, Tofunmi, claimed that Rasak wrote a petition to the police at the Zone 2 Command over some suspicious movements around him before the incident.

While urging the police to get to the root of the murder, she said her husband had several enemies, who might want him dead.

She stated, “Some people came to visit us because they wanted to buy a piece of land and he took them to the site. They did not like the land. About 15 to 20 minutes later, my husband was returning home.

“Some people said they sighted strange faces around the vicinity. As he was coming, he was attacked. They shot him and used a rock to break his head to be sure that he died. I was in the kitchen when I was called, and I ran out and saw his dead body in the middle of the road. We need justice,” she said.

A family member, who pleaded anonymity, said Rasak was involved in a struggle for the chieftaincy stool of Badore.


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