Workers’ Day: Gov Ganduje increases teachers’ service year to 40, 65 for retirement


To further strengthen ties between working-class and education with sustainable development, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje arrives at a fundamental policy for increasing the length of service for teachers in the state from 35 years to 40 years.

The age of retirement was also moved from 60 to 65 years of age, for all categories of teachers in the state.

This was disclosed during the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Award Night, as part of the workers’ day celebration, which took place at Open Theatre, Government House, Kano state on Saturday, assuring that all the policies would be sustained.

“The length of service for our teachers has been 35 years, I am glad to inform this gathering that, we have now increased the duration to 40 years,” he disclosed.

He started with a reminder that, “You are all aware that federal government has made a pronouncement by increasing the retirement age and the length of service of teachers serving under federal government. So we don’t want teachers in Kano state to be left behind.”

Arguing that, Kano state teachers were not onlookers, bench sitters, nor ‘cheaters’  but teachers, encouraging that, “In order to promote their commitment and motivate our teachers, Kano state has now decided to increase the length of service from 30 years to 35 years. To also increase the retirement age for our teachers from 60 years to 65 years.”

He stated that, all teachers from primary schools up to tertiary institutions, would benefit from the new development, adding that,“…this is an innovation that we cherish and it will be sustained.”

To further express the importance, his administration attaches to teachers, he maintained that, “Our teachers are our fathers. They are the backbone of sustainable development because without education, there is no development. Then if we are to sustain our system of education, their welfare is absolutely necessary.”

Reminding, for the discerning minds that, “You could recall some two or three years back, we promoted our teachers and paid them increased salary for their promotion. Which affected the payment of our monthly salaries with over N500 million. That is unprecedented.”

Earlier in his remarks, the Chairman of the Kano State Branch of NLC, Comrade Kabiru Ado Minjibir, expressed that, “Sir upon what you have done to us and what you have been doing to us, like Oliver Twist, we will ask for more.”

He presented some requests, among which are, “Review for retirement age for civil servants in the state and local government services. Like what was done to teachers, in their own category. This action will equally reduce the massive increase or pensioners with another five years.

“Thereby giving an opportunity for State Pension Fund to offset its outstanding liabilities.”


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