Embrace the body in your skin, don’t go for plastic surgery – Lady who did butt surgery 6 times tells ladies (Photo)


Courtney Barnes, a 32-year-old lady who got a butt injection at the age of 22 has shared her story with Botched on how she became a celebrity by simply having a big butt.

Courtney, who claimed she was just a regular student until her quest for money made her become a stripper at a club said:

“I wanted to earn more than what I got on my first day, so I sought the help of a friend who gave me a very bizarre idea about getting an injection in my butt.

“I was disappointed by the little I earned that day, so I decided to take a step even if it’s dangerous to earn more and heeded to my friend’s advice and went for my first-ever illegal injection.

“I was so happy with my look and the money I was making at the strip club overnight, that I went for a second injection. Men paid attention to me and I had many customers, she claimed.

“I saw how good things were at that point in my life and hence I decided to go for my third injection and by this time I was already embracing my new looks and thus I decided to post more pictures of myself on social media.

Courtney who claimed that people were wowed with her looks and thus became very popular earning over one million followers on Instagram, said even though she had trolls, she was receiving more attention in public and on social media, and this made her quest for more and she decided to go on for a fourth injection.

She claimed this enhanced her looks but she saw fluid coming out of her butt after that and decided to go back to her surgeon.

Her surgeon assured her that everything will be fine but only to inject her for the fifth time.

She claimed that stopped the fluid but her butt at this point was just getting bigger and bigger.

However, she became addicted to it and her 6th injection gave her a complete turnaround.

Her butt started decolourising and hence she needed to remove her illegal injections to become herself once more.

Courtney went to a new surgeon to get her injections removed and thus got back to her old self again.

She claims to have regretted ever going for butt injections and has recently written a book titled ”I’m not my body but I wanted a bigger butt”; to educate young ladies to embrace the body in their skin and not go for plastic surgery.

A doctor who spoke with Courtney claimed she was actually lucky her fillers hadn’t resulted in serious medical issues.

“We see a lot of complications with that,” said Gonzalo Mosquera, a plastic surgeon who examined Courtney on “Hooked on the Look.”

“She’s definitely had illegal injections of polymer, which is a very sad, common thing that occurs in (the Miami) area,” he claimed, adding that some recipients may later experience pain, or can’t sleep or sit comfortably.

Mosquera and Courtney also agreed that she would need a specialist for corrective surgery, something Courtney says will cost more than the original injections.

“The cost of fixing my butt is more than what I paid to get this butt, it’d be well over $20,000,” said Courtney, per The Sun.

Courtney who said she’s still flaunting her famous assets on Instagram where she has 824,000 followers, said she’s now doing it to draw attention to the issues she’s facing, and warn other women against illegal injections.

“Just because it looks good does not mean it’s healthy,” she said on “Hooked on the Look,” to a group of young women considering the procedure. “And I just want to say don’t do it. Don’t do it!”

“I just want to get as many people as I can understanding what I went through, so they won’t go through it,” added Courtney, who also authored a book that deals with her plight, called “I Am Not My Body, But I Wanted a Bigger Butt.”

“I’m not only doing this for me, I’m doing this for a lot of girls”, she said.


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