There must be a law to punish any man who divorces his wife on flimsy excuses – Hajiya Altine Abdullahi


When former Kano State Governor, Dr Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, established the state’s Hisbah Board, one person that gave them a tough time was Hajiya Altine Abdullahi, Chairperson, Voice of Widows and Orphans.

The mother of four threatened to call out Kano widows who are more than a million to demonstrate if the state’s Hisbah Board will not do their biddings. She insisted that the Board must find husbands for her teaming members and that the board must enact a law that will punish any person who divorces his wife on flimsy excuses.

Altine Abdullahi, in an interview with Neptune Prime’s correspondent, Saleh Inuwa in Kano, explained the circumstances that led to the collapse of her previous marriage.


Neptune Prime: Hajiya, tell us briefly about yourself?

Altine: My Name is Hajiya Altine Abdullahi from Kano State, I’m from the Kano royal family.

NP: Which royal family?

Altine: I’m from the late Emir Abdullahi branch of the Kano royal house.

NP: How did you set up your NGO, the Voice of Widows and Orphans?

Altine: Well, there was a time, I think in 2000 that we entered Intikaf when we entered we started having problems but after three years, we converted the group into an NGO called for widows, divorcees, and orphans.

NP: What happened after that?

Altine: Initially, there was no plan to involve the government in what we were doing but later, we were advised to expand our activities, so we then involved the state, later Federal and now international, we are dealing with countries like America, Britain, Germany, France and Turkey.

NP: You mean these countries are helping you financially?

Altine: We are getting assistance, Germany, for example, is giving us five cows annually during fasting, we do select five hundred members and give them food and clothes, but we give priorities to orphans.

NP: Have you been married before?

Altine: I married twice, first to my relation, late District head of Gwarzo and when he died, I married again but we separated mysteriously. We took an oath that we will never separate but God in his wisdom separated us only a week after taking the oath.

NP: Do you have children?

Altine: Yes, I have four children, one boy and three girls.

NP: You planned to demonstrate earlier in Kano during the Kwankwaso government, what happened?

Altine: Protest, no but we are yet to get what we stand for. Anybody who divorces his wife just like that, there must be a law to punish him; we want Kano Hisbah to do that. We have more than one million divorcees in Kano, it’s a shame.

NP: But Ganduje refused to continue with the programme?

Altine: That is why we want Kwankwaso to be the next President of Nigeria so that he can stop Nigeria from collapsing.


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