Physicians Across Continents to establish heart centre in Kano


A group of world-class Medical Doctors, called Physicians Across Continents (PAC), from many countries visited Kano State recently and offered free medical services.

They have conducted 124 major surgeries recently in the state, and have consulted and prescribed for over 500 patients.

Impressed by the efforts of the Kano Government, under Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, The group commended the governor’s effort in the health sector.

The leader of the delegation, Dr Khaled Jiwaid, revealed to the governor during a courtesy visit to the governor’s office recently in Kano, “Our aim is to assist professionals of healthcare, specialists, with equipment, facilities and services.”

“Ours is to provide quality medical care regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. We are working in 42 countries and conducted over 100,000 major surgeries, with over 500,000 beneficiaries of our services across the globe,” he explained.

“We are planning to establish Heart Centre here in Kano, which will facilitate over 15 million people. Our doctors are aware of the challenges, that if you have a heart attack, you tend to be seen within 90 minutes. Can anyone here be in Lagos or Abuja within 90 minutes? So with this, we are investing in ourselves first, and we are investing for our life after death,” he reveals.

He further commended that “The history of this city is amazing, we want it to be, collectively, the Centre of Peace with medical excellence in West Africa. This starts from here.”

For the Heart Centre, Jiwaid further elaborates that, “It is very clear to all of us here, and we all know that, life and death are in the Hands of the Almighty God. But the loss of life needlessly because of lack of facilities hurts more. This is what we want to set in Kano, with the establishment of this Centre.”

In appreciating the effort of the doctors, Governor Ganduje said, “I am happy that part of your work here is public health, which also goes with the creation of awareness for the public.”

“I like your proposal for establishing a Centre here in Kano. I assure you Kano is one place that needs such centre the most. Kano state government is ready to provide you with whatever you like, for your proposed Heart Centre. We also need such Centre, because we have the highest population in the country,” he said.

“I learned that some of you are from Saudi Arabia, some from Syria, some from Jordan, some from Sudan and from other places. Saudi Arabia, for Kano people, is like Jeddah and Riyadh. In fact, as you have come to Kano, you will not find any challenges that could be unbearable,” the governor stated.

He also stated that, “Some ailments are covered in Kano, like the problem of cancer, dental problem, eye problem, ear and nose problems, we found out that these ailments are so common in our society.

So we decided to establish a Cancer Centre which will be the biggest in the country. We have received 90 per cent of the equipment required, and before we started, a study was conducted to ascertain the types of Cancer found in our environment.

Ganduje further elaborated that “We are also upgrading our hospitals in the headquarters of our Emirates. So that our people from there could get access to advanced medical care. That way, our people don’t need to come to the city for medical attention, so far we have 400 beds, with dental clinics, eye, nose and throat clinics.


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