My role in Maliya, Bazawara made me an instant celebrity – Kannywood actress, Hauwa Waraka


Hauwa Abubakar also known as Hauwa Waraka is one of the pioneer members of Kannywood.

She was born and brought up in Jos and got married at the age of 14-year-old, though the marriage did not last and she later relocated to Kano to pursue a career in Kannywood.


Hauwa’s role in the films, Maliya, Konagari and Bazawara was professionally played that people used to approach her on the street thinking that she is actually a prostitute or a wayward person.

Although this does not worry her because it makes her think that people are appreciating her acting skills.


She told Neptune Prime’s correspondent, Saleh Inuwa in an interview in Kano that since she joined Kannywood she has no regret and on a daily basis, her fortune keeps increasing.

She has a house, a comfortable life and can take very good care of herself without waiting for a man to assist her.


“My roles in Maliya produced by Late Rabilu Musa (Ibro), Konagari where we came out as real prostitutes and Bazawara have made me an instant celebrity. You can hardly go to any society in Africa where they are watching Hausa films and they will not tell you they don’t admire the acting skills of Waraka.”

On recent reports on social media that she is desperate to get married and that she can even pay her own dowry, she laughed and said it is not true.

But if the person that will marry her does not have money it is not a big deal, she can do it.

Hauwa Abubakar added that as a Muslim she wants to settle down again and bear children. She planned very well for her life and can take good care of her family even if she stops acting. She is grateful to her colleagues in Kannywood and she has no enemies in or outside Kannywood.


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